Tuesday, March 17, 2015

5 Simple Ways to Keep Energyzed during Days

1 PM. Whats wrong with it? After lunch-break, usually at more than 1 PM its the most lazy time all along the day. Moreover, its something that mostly unfavored by most workers. Due to feeling of tired or sluggish towards. This is normal, just because our full-filled energy from its morning, was beginning reduce and decreased slowly during the days. So that you will feel any sleepy, lazy even disobey any duties then disturbing your work.

Do you listed as peoples I mention above? If that so, don't worry. There are solutions for it. Keep on it, Readers.

1. Doing any Light Sports in the Morning.

First point, is sports. Do it every morning. A light movement will provide so many benefits on your body. In addition to make your body keeps sexy, sports in the morning going to help you keep its energy levels to steady through the days. Therefore, its good to regularly scheduled any little movements in the morning.

2. Take a Walk.

Try to take a walk for at least 10 minutes when your break time is coming. This activity helps you make your body and mind become refreshed. Believe or not, this little things going to make it refreshed. After working and sitting all along the day, taking a walk going to restore your energy which is drained while you works.

3. Eat Less

Avoid eat anything too much, or having heavy meals during the days. Just limit your menu on lunch. Take anything thats really necessary. Any useless things from your menu could make sleepy and lazy easily come. Choose light and fresh food just like vegetables or fruits. Highly avoid Junk Food and Fast Food.

4. Get a Cup of Green Tea

In order to restore your energy, what is you need is just a caffeine. Coffee would done it, but its highly recommend to take the Green Tea. Actually, Green Tea would give u better caffeine than coffee overall. Either you wont get a jitter feeling just like when you drinking the coffee.

5. Stretching

Doing some simple movements or stretching on your working place would be great for you to restore your energy and spirits, make you more energetic and excited. Its also usable to make your body's blood-flow stable so that oxygen easily supplied into your brain. As is known, that lack of oxygen could make you feeling sleepy.

Well Readers, thats all about this topics. Don't forget that your response is highly waited here. Feel free to contact me then.

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